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bed wetting

Topic: bed wetting

Is bed wetting normal- Some people say yes some feel it more common in boy then girls but whatever it is common in young kids age seven and under but my nephew is ten and he still have problems wetting the bed sometimes is it because they have smaller bladder or the fact that some kids are just heavy sleeper we really don't know or truly understand it but as parents we need to stay calm and be patient and find ways to help and support our children through this difficult stage in life and it happens at an age were they are just learning independence and making friends and wanting sleep over.

What helps- Now as parents I will say we must have tried it all nothing to drink after nine making late night wake-up walks to the bathroom and lining the bed but how do you tell your six, seven or even ten year old the can't stay over a friends because your worried about if they will have an accident or how the other parent will react to it and will that other child tease your child after and tell other classmates so much to think about as parents there are many books and website that have home remedies and how to cope.

When to seek medical help- For me it was when my son was four and started having night terror and would wake-up soak and wet and would be looking at me but still was sleep. the doctors ran some test and long story short  took out his adenoid now did this fix the problem yes for about two years now he's about to be seven and it's starting to happen again now I would say a second time bed wetting after it has stopped for years is another reason to seek help. If the child is any were between the age of nine to twelve years of age look into seeing a doctor. I'm wondering can kids be stressed, lazy, or just seeking some late night drinks whatever it is try and get help for them.