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Blended Family

Topic: Blended Family

Blending family hard- Yes for me it was a little hard, single mom of two, father deceased, and were pretty much site in our ways the boys were young so all they new was mom and started to have very few memories of dad. I meets future husband no kids you would think the perfect match already made family, no other kids, and no other parents outside of the house right? No we had challenges.

Life challenges- For the kids it was having to adjust to two parents in the house, a new baby, moving, and now sharing their mother with two new family members on top of all that new rules. Now for me it was the new baby, being a new wife, and making sure the kids know that my love is the same for them as it always have been and even though the family was expanding I still remember their father.

Resolution- was finding activities for the family as a whole, and letting my husband have bonding time with the kids, and One-on-One time by doing this it help to focus on individual connection. Therapy also help us not saying it was need but it did help the kids understand that it was okay to add to the family, talk about their dad, and excepting a new baby.



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