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Are Kids Getting Too Many Vaccines?

Topic: Are Kids Getting Too Many Vaccines?

"Children receive too many vaccines. One hundred years ago, children received a vaccine to prevent one disease—smallpox. This meant that children received only one inoculation in the first few years of life. Today children receive vaccines to prevent 14 different diseases; now they can receive as many as 26 inoculations early in life and 5 at one time. And while it is difficult to watch children receive so many injections, most parents would probably be surprised to learn that the immunological challenges from today’s 14 vaccines are less than the challenge from that one vaccine given a hundred years ago. more"


Are the parents' concerns about vaccines grounded?

I am asking mothers who chose not to vaccinate their children or mothers who want to discuss their concerns about vaccinations to share their reasons and stories. 

I am trying to avoid most of the vaccination for my children, but the pressure is big....


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