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Talking to Stranger

Topic: Talking to Stranger

Today world I changing kidnapping is a big issue in today society we as parents need to inform our kids at an early age. Talking to strangers is a big thing. Today about twenty of our kids are taken by someone they know the other half is taken by total stranger, parents we don't even realize that our kids may think some of the people are okay that's because every party, picnic, and family gathering we have or attend our kids believe these are safe people to go with else we tell and teach them other wise.

Safety Word- A safety word is good because this way we teach a child who they are able to go with and the know that people are good but just a selected few you allow them to go with. Now I don't feel grandparents, sister, or brothers need a safety word but for uncle, aunts, cousins and friends I would. And change your safety word yearly because friends and family can go through changes.

Trust- Who to trust that's up to you as parents and discuss it with the selected friends and family members you choose for this and let them know why it's so important to you. Talk with your kids and let them know why you trust that selected group of people as well.

How to Prepare- Something you can do to prepare take fingerprints, and pictures of your kids and update them every so many years. I know fingerprints don't change but the kids do get bigger and it doesn't hurt to be extra safe.