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Early Head Start

Topic: Early Head Start

Early Head Start (EHS) I was on the board with every child I had. I feel this program is by far one of the best family program today to enroll your little ones into the benefit of doing this is endless. They come to your home once or twice a week and work with your little ones one on one from newborn to three years of age. By starting off with early Head Start home base program, and then go into Head Start can properly develop children to be ready for kindergarten and advance enough for 1st grade. The bond you make with other parents, and the friendships your child develop is priceless and all the help, and learning you gain as a parent too is valuable.

Programs- Well just to list them you have center-base, family child care, or a combination of both which I did and the home-base program means home visit from birth to grade to work on developmental skills all which help and assist with the growth of family needs. Their staff and program for mommies to be is well equipped to deal the services an needs to help with the changes you are go through being pregnant, becoming a mom, or the loss of a child all stages of pregnancy and so much more.

Activities- EHS programs are designed to help with fine motor skills, brain development, physical, social, language, and emotional. EHS offer activities for the whole family moms, dads, grandparents, and other siblings as well. All activities and programs are beneficial, educational, valuable to every day living and some are just plain fun.

Goals and Benefits- Now the goals of EHS is to provide a safe and good learning program, to support parents and caregiver of children from birth to 3 years of age EHS helps family meet their goals or expectation of there kids environment and development. Now as for benefit your child will receive from being involved would be going to the top of the enrollment list for kids going to Head Start, they have all you information from the months of home visit and involvement you as parents do just look into it it will be well worth it.