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IBenefits of staying home

Topic: IBenefits of staying home

I must say I enjoy staying at home but this is a personal choice. I personally love it because I get quality time with my kids, watching them grow and never missing one of those priceless moment like crawling, walking, sitting or even their first words. Being home allowed me to stay on top of housework, schoolwork, and all the kids  after school activities and programs. I love just being there when they come in from school and having dinner ready I feel its my way of letting them know I care. 

There are many benefits to being a stay a home mom you save on daycare, if your child get sick you don't have to leave work or miss any holidays because of work. I also get to focus on the need of my kids and husband, for me it makes my family life run smoother. I'm able to stay on top of everything like bills, house maintenance, and planning family trips. 

Now for some people they may find this to be boring an full of loneliness especially if you work for many years and use to depending soul on yourself as the provider. And if your one who like busy street loud work space and a people person this life style might not be for you. I must say I've done both and I thought after I became disable I would miss working but I didn't. I found myself to have more time for all the thing I love to do. No more having to figure out how to work it in around my work schedule, school, kid schedule and time with my husband.

Now after a few years of putting the kids, my husband, and the house need first I did start to miss being in the work life, but did I really want to go back No! So I started to work from home all the things I had time to do for family and friend because I loved it, now I do online and get paid for it. I most say I'm a little rusty but it's all coming back just like riding a bike once you learn something you never really forget.