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My teenager driving accidents

Topic: My teenager driving accidents

Should teenager really be aloud to have a license that's what I'm dealing with now. My child has a license and has been driving now for years  he's a very good driver always checking in, a honor roll student, athlete, and a junior deacon at church great kid. But  just two days ago he was in his first accident on his way to work.  It was dark and rainy and a little kid came running from behind a tree on this dark road and my child hit him a child who was dressed in dark clothing, and it was late after 6:30 pm. God is good the kid walked away with just a broken leg and another good thing there was another car making the same turn as my son and reported there was nothing my child could have done.

Now most people feel it's the driver fault, but a young kid three blocks from home after five on a rainy night. I feel that's a problem in it's self too. My son did everything right that night he called me, 911, and pick the child up and drove him home to wait for help to arrive. I know that child is having trauma from this but has anyone thought to think my son is going through just as much trauma as that child No! But yes he is not eating, sleeping, or every want to drive again. So this is very new to me and if anyone has been through a tragedy similar please reply I'm seeking help on this but what I will do is let parents know how I'm dealing with this now.

First I'm helping him to understand he did the right thing by not leaving the scene, also trying to help him cope with forgiving himself,  and getting over the fear of driving again, this is a constant replay in his head so we got him in therapy. I'm trying to follow my three parents rules listing, being supportive, and paying close attention to this depression and bad thoughts. and never to leave him alone for to long. he knows the kid is okay but still he feel like he don't deserve to live my heart is breaking for my son.

So secondly I have chosen to kept him home from school so he can get his head and nerves right, and keeping him off social media as well, kids are so cruel and the adults as well he started therapy from home today will send him back to school next week there was no charges brought against him but he will be scared for life from this and the one thing he love the most was being a mentor to little kids and now he hurt on.

Finally what else can I do for the two years he's been driving we always lived by and followed all the basic rules no cell phone while driving, no extra passenger, no speeding, no alcohol, and no riding without your seat belt.