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Teaching your Toddler Colors

Topic: Teaching your Toddler Colors

I titled this "Teaching your Toddler Colors" however I think this activity would be best played once your toddler is already familiar with colors. It's more to reinforce them, as well as teaching sorting. Which I think is a great. Anything you can do to start your kid off an organized person the better! I try to help my daughter be organized every day. 

The activity is great, and has several different learning aspects for your toddler as you go along. I am going to try to go over these in detail, because that's just how it went with my daughter. We really did end up having fun. At the end of it she kept playing on her own with a grand imagination. I love watching my daughter play pretend like that, and they start telling little stories... so cute.

Anyways here are the materials you'll need.

  1. A big piece of white paper

  2. Something to color all the colors

  3. Matchbox cars, or any cars

  4. Ruler

  5. An imagination!


The first steps will be to go over the colors. I personally have washable markers we use. So I first explained  the project to my daughter and told her we were going to make a "color garage" for all her matchbox cars. She just got all these matchbox cars for Christmas so she still loves them and was instantly excited. She's also a huge fan of any craft project. I personally think she's just a fan of any project that covers her in some sort of mess! Haha oh the joys of motherhood, and we still love them no matter what. 

Once I got all our materials out I had my daughter pick her favorite colors. While she was doing that I took the ruler and just eye-balled straight lines on the large piece of what paper. You'll want to set this up so the top of the paper has squares across the whole way. Then a row down the paper stemming from each row. This creates a row of parking spaces for each color in the "color garage". 

In the row of squares on the top I color in the outside edges with each color. I then had my daughter go back through and fill in the square in the middle of each with the correct corresponding color. 

She LOVED doing this, and I think it also helped her practice coloring inside the lines while matching her colors. 

The rest is mostly up to your child. Or I tried to make it up to her. I think it would really depend how comfortable your little one is with their colors. At the least take the first few matchbox cars and drive them to their appropriate parking spot in the "color garage". Coax your child to take it from their! Hopefully their able to match all their cars to the correct color. A little help is always good if they need it, and most importantly have fun.