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Unique Bubble Fun - Toddler Activity

Topic: Unique Bubble Fun - Toddler Activity

This activity is so much fun, and an original for my daughter and I. 


Kids always love blowing bubbles, however when they are younger it may be a lot harder to do that. So this activity resolves that problem. I do suggest you do this supervised for the duration of the time. The set as was very easy and low impact on the household. I did try to keep her on an easily cleanable surface. All I did was fill a really big bowl with dish soap and warm water. I took a kitchen whisk and whisked the bubbles until they foamed. Then just place the bowl on the floor and hand your toddler some fun utensils. Play time has started and it could get a bit messy. The fun kind of messy that you don't really mind. In this case I hope that I tire her out, she'll take a nap. Then I'll have the mix all ready to clean the floors! I know... how exciting. It really is a good system though when it works out. 

While playing you do want to keep a close eye on your little one. Especially if they are at the age they like to put things in their mouths. It's best to play with them, and show them the best ways to play with a huge bowl of bubbles. It is a chance for mom to let go a little bit to and enjoy childhood for a moment. These are how memories are made. Small moments of genuine fun that cannot be bought.