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Teen Violence

Topic: Teen Violence

Teen violence is a big issue that sometime go undetected and usually starts around 7th to 12th grade when these young teens start to date. The violence is like a plague it's picked up and spreads easily cause it learned from bad environment violent abuse comes in many forms punching, kicking, slapping, and verbal abuse is the worst, and if bad enough can carry over into their young adulthood life if never dealt with at their young age properly.

What causes teen violence- There is no definite reason why teens become violent toward peers or the ones they are dating. Many reason on how this can happen like video games, movies, being bullied their selves, seeing a neighbor or family member being abused are just a few but no true facts on why it starts to happen.

What are some signs- Some warning signs to look out for any sudden changes in your teen that is not normal like drinking, use of drugs, destroying property, lose of temper, threats or talk of suicide all signs you should look into as something is wrong with your teen.

What help or advice can you give teens- Talk to them about the different types of abuse and let them know what a normal healthy relationship is let them see you can talk it out without putting your hands on a person. Parents if you see or suspect your teen is a abuser or is being abuse in their relationship get them help as soon as possible.