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Natural Home Remedies for Growing Pains in Children

Topic: Natural Home Remedies for Growing Pains in Children


Growing pains are not linked to any specific issue. However clearly documented in many children between the age of 3 - 12 years old. Usually the reason growing pains are such a problem is because they wake your little one from their sleep. Growing pains can also prevent them from falling asleep! If growing pains are constant, associated with other symptoms, or restrict your child's mobility please seek a physician. 

Usually the case is just that your child is growing up fast, and maybe some parts of their bodies cannot keep up. I would like to review a couple other theories that may contribute to your child's growing pains. There is actually potential for a lot of factors to be affecting your child, however here are the most common. 

A vitamin D deficiency is a big factor when it comes to growing pains. Less vitamin D in the system can cause a lower bone density. When bones are in this state there can be an increased pressure or weight on the bones. Causing the dreaded growing pains your kids sometimes can't even sleep through. Taking a supplement can help, however it's best to incorporate foods that are high in vitamin D. Cod Liver oil is actually the best source for vitamin D besides natural sunlight itself. 

I do recall as a child hating cod liver oil for it's smell, texture, taste, just everything about it. HOWEVER it is extremely beneficial to your health. Especially when your body is in need of extra vitamin D. 

Another possible reason for growing pains is a sensitivity to certain foods, or ingredients in processed foods. "Processed Foods" is the key term here. There are a lot of other ingredients that are probably bad for all of us and your child is just more sensitive to them. To find these types of sensitivities takes time testing what foods your child can and cannot eat. If you find a food that your child seems sensitive to or even allergic; this is also a time to contact your physician. 

No matter the reason a great way to ease your little ones growing pains is run a hot bath with epsom salts. Let your child soak in this bath mix as needed. 




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