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The Menstraul Cycle Talk

Topic: The Menstraul Cycle Talk

Young girls comin into their menstrual cycle is a big deal some see it as becoming a young women others view it as the worse thing ever. Why is this  difficult for some an not others maybe it cause little boys can play a part to this they can be cruel at times. Boy between the ages of 12 to 15 not all but some like to touch girls butts and can your recall the first time a boy touch your butt, now think if you had a pad on for the first time how embarrassed you must have been and the teasing that followed that's was enough to make you wish you never got this thing called a period. Now most girls between age 12 to 15 will all have to go through this stage and school is hard enough for teens now this. Mom's what can you do to help?

Explain what's to happen- First help her understand her body is going to go through changes. Let her know about cramps, bloating, craving, PMS, and how to track her cycle if it 24 or every 28 days. Explain a normal flow an abnormal flow because if it abnormal it my need to be addressed by a family doctor. Mom's if you haven't already had the talk about sex now would be the time because if she sexual active it important she know now its possible to get pregnant.

Help her cope- The only way young lady's will have a good transition into woman hood is for us moms to be real, and understanding. Answer all their questions help them find a pad or tampon that is comfortable to their liking maybe even let them stay home for a day or two to adjust to using either product and the change the body going through just be supportive you were where they are once.

Mom's know what works for one doesn't always work for others so buy a few different brand products with your child and let her judge she is the one that has to wear it for the next five days.



Re: The Menstraul Cycle Talk

Very helpful post. REal talk on this subject, I am raising 6 girls myself so I know how this can be an issue for some parent or some teen/preteen girls.