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The Right Toys for the Right Age: 6 - 9 mo.

Topic: The Right Toys for the Right Age: 6 - 9 mo.


Creating the most beneficial learning environment for your child should always be a priority. One of the questions you should be asking yourself is: "What are the best toys for my baby right now?". 

During the six to nine month range your child is becoming their own person. You'll start to recognize unique things about your little one that gives them their own special personality. They are also learning to be more in control of themselves and their environment. Your little one might be able to crawl, roll, or pull themselves around. It's good to encourage this movement in any way you can. Here is a list of most things your baby would be able to do around this age. 

  • Roll over both ways (stomach to back and back to stomach)

  • Sit up

  • Reach for object with hand - Toys that are easily gripable, rattles.

  • Transfer objects from one hand to the other

  • Support whole weight on legs when held upright - Standing play stations are useful.

  • Develop full-color vision and mature distance vision - Bright & Colorful toys are enjoyable now.

  • Use voice to express joy and displeasure

  • Respond to own name

  • Babble chains of consonants (ba-ba-ba-ba)

  • Distinguish emotions by tone of voice

  • Explore objects with hands and mouth - Teething toys are good to have on hand as well as other frozen edible toys. 

  • Struggle to get objects that are out of reach - This is a great time to encourage your little one to "chase" after their favorite toy. 

  • Enjoy playing peek-a-boo

  • Show an interest in mirror images - Toy mirrors can be great so your little one has control over it, since they want control over more and more. 

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