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Managing Biracial kids Hair

Topic: Managing Biracial kids Hair

Today I want to speak on biracial kids hair because some culture know how to manage this hair and other don't have a clue. The first thing they want to say is it's nappy, and unmanageable but that's not the case it's good you just needed to know what to do with it,  I'm African American and three of may four kids are biracial and out of the three all there textures are different and I manage all there hair the same way with the same hair care products. so mom's whether your Caucasian, Chinese, or Hispanic it doesn't matter if you mix that with African American you get our hair growth texture and that call for real treatment.

First let's start by saying you don't need to wash their hair every day. That the wrong thing to do you will be stripping them of natural mineral that protect the hair from lice and helps it to grow and NEVER perm it with a Caucasian or African American perm. Whether it curly, straight, or course it all can be manage.

Here are some great hair care products to start using as early as 3 mos old for the rest of their life and they work for little girls as well as boys too that are of mixed background. African Pride,and Motion products are great to use why? Because yes your child need grease, moister, and oils to make that hair pop, shine, grow and be manageable.

Can you believe out of all my babies I'm more able to handle my mixed kids hair then my African American child hair and we share the same background not saying these products don't work they do and he has a nice grade of hair to. Just saying it felt different that's all. 

So before you perm, cut or straighten your biracial child hair let their natural texture take form and by the time they are 7 yrs of age then cut you son hair and if he decide to grow it back the texture won't be damaged and don't do clippers until he's at least 15 an those kids under that age just get cut as low with scissors and once ever six months trim about 1/2 inch of the ends and see what happens. Hope this is very helpful I hate to see a pretty little biracial girl or boy with a parents that didn't have a clue to what to do to their hair and mess it up for life. That will happen but maybe in my future topic I'll cover how to come back from a mess up, it's a process and in most cases can be reversed. No matter with straight, curly, and thick unmanageable hair it can all look nice. Like I said they all are good products that works well with all textures but if your looking for a style or define a look I got you on my next topic.



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