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Fun Family Board Games

Topic: Fun Family Board Games

Do anyone have favorite family games to play well I do only because I have kids of all ages and I'm a foster mom too. There is nothing more I enjoy out of life then spending time with my kids and my husband. So I make sure we got the best games because we are very competitive from the 20 yrs old all the way down to the 6 yrs old good fun family rivalry that's what we love.

My top five fun family board games are Monopoly who can get rich 1st with us, Life because they think being grow is easy, Sorry just because you can stop them from going home, Trouble because it just down right challenging. But my all time favorite the last on my list is Hungry Hippo yes I said it, last game of the night and its winner take all and the first loser has dishes, second loser has to sweep, and the third loser is mopping yes I love it because I barely lose at the game. We play so many games and have fun too let me know what your family favorite board games are and why.
Spending time with the family is a good thing and it pulls the child out of their so call normal life styles and bring together bonding and memories.