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Organizing the Toys - Idea #1

Topic: Organizing the Toys - Idea #1

I'm just going to say it... how the hell do you organize all the kid toys when you have a toddler?!


I'm sitting here staring at a mess as I write this. I do have one productive idea so far. I decided to share it here instead of complaining about the mess. 

So first off find the major problem toys and concentrate on organizing those. What toys cause the biggest mess in your area? OH!...make sure you have a good toy area before worrying about any kind of organizing. Once you've got your toy space and the problem toys all picked out you'll need to game plan. 

So from here on I'll share my personal experience and game plan to clean up the toddler toys strewn across my house. I decided that my daughter small toys were actually the BIGGEST problems. They got all mixed up with each other, they get left in corners of rooms, stepped on, you name it. For example her play food was everywhere. I gathered it up and thought it would be cute to place it in baskets. Like I were going to a market or something. I got the idea from real life... I personally love going to outdoor food markets. Unfortunately it is much too cold this time of year for that. 

Back to my basket project. I really didn't want to just leave the baskets on the floor. So in further searching I got the idea to hang them up in a row.


Based on your scenario you'll want to organize and separate the toys as needed. Organizing toys can instill good habits in your child as they get older. If they always have a place for each toy, you can teach them to always put things back in it's place. Not only will it make things easier on your kid, it helps mom out too! 

How do you organize the toys?