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Simple Chicken Soup - 3 Ingredients!

Topic: Simple Chicken Soup - 3 Ingredients!

I love that this chicken soup is so simple. It really just came about a cold snowy night, and no one was going to the grocery store anytime soon. So I compiled what we had into a pot and ta-da! Delicious simple 3 ingredient chicken soup. I figured this could be a great staple the whole winter! Yes we are still in winter weather around here. We just got 8 inches, and then a blizzard leaving another 3 feet! It was ridiculous. My point is a simple soup that keeps great for leftovers is perfect for this time of year. You never know what will happen… like a blizzard.

So here it is, enjoy! Let me know how it turns out, or how you make it your own. Recipe:
3 Boneless Chicken Breasts - Slice these up, I did squares the best I could.
6 Diced Potatoes - Just chop up an equal amount to the chicken.
1 Bag Frozen Peas - I add this in at the very END. 

*I prefer to add some spices: so if you choose add to taste Italian seasoning, S&P.

Boil the chicken breasts covered by water the whole time, in a slow cooker or large pot. Boil the chicken for about 20 minutes. Enough time to wash and chop up the potatoes, then add all the potatoes to your pot as well. Keep them at a slow boil for 45-55 minutes, then add your frozen bag of peas. Just dump it in there, mix it up, and boil for several more minutes. 

I like to slow cook off my soups, so once it's done turn it down to medium-low for another 20-30 minutes.

OH! the spices. Ground spices and herbs release their flavors readily. In long cooking dishes, such as stews, add these near the end of the cooking time to minimize the "cooking off" of its flavors.

So even though I honestly forgot to add my spices until the very end, it is the best way to do it! Perfect... I love it when things actually work out like that.

I hope my simple soup saves you some time this winter season.