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All they need is love... but here is a few more tips!

Topic: All they need is love... but here is a few more tips!


How to Be a Good Mother? It is a question every mom asks probably more in the beginning. The thing is if you are already asking that question you are a GOOD mom. The fact is if you are worried about being a good mom you are already showing your care. Your kids only need love. When you love your kids you'll always want to fill their bellies, keep them clean, teach them to be good people as they grow up. Really your love for your child will provide them with everything they need. 

There is sometimes a little bit more I can do to be a great mom…

First you'll want to understand the basis of raising a child revolves around that LOVE i'm talking about and learning boundaries. The best first example of setting boundaries is when mother is breastfeeding her child and he bites. Human nature is to react to pain with a physical retaliation. However you cannot do that as a mom, so we navigate that boundary with a firm "NO" possibly. Learning to navigate those boundaries as they grow is a key to great mothering!

There have been numerous studies to prove that maternal love and care especially at the early stages of a child’s life improves brain development. 

So as a new mom, just know your love for your little one goes a long way.