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Getting your Kids Active

Topic: Getting your Kids Active


Have the kids walk the dog. It's fun, helpful, and gets them exercising!

Staying active is so important for the development of your child. In young children,
lack of physical activity is a risk factor for many health problems like high blood pressure, weight gain, excess body fat, bad cholesterol, respiratory difficulties, cardiovascular diseases and bone health problems. As a parenting the best way to get your kids active is to show them! Be active yourself, and in turn your child will follow by example. 

With younger kids just bringing them to the playground for an hour or two is a fun event, and gets your kids plenty of exercise for the day. 

As children get a little older it can be fun to explore the backyard, or local parks. With some planning you can even turn exploration into a learning experience. Play games like how many tree species you can name as you walk through the forest. Going out to explore sounds way more fun to a kid than going out to exercise. 

Something else that is important to consider is exercise by gender... this shouldn't be a thing. However research has shown that boys tend to be more active and less often obese than girls. Parents should remember that girls need to spend just as much time and energy being physically active as boys do. 

Once your children are into school years and especially high school years it is important to encourage sports. This is one of the best ways for your kids to get in daily exercise and have something to dedicate their time to. 

If not sports then stay spontaneous! Head out on random trips to the park, beach, or hiking trails. 

Remember the most valuable to tool to get your kids to exercise is to lead by example. So get out for a walk, your kids will come along smile