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Teaching our children to love hiking

Topic: Teaching our children to love hiking


Do you love hiking and discovering natural beauties, but now with your children you just go to the park in the neighborhood? It was same with us, but not anymore.  

If you plan to go with little children on a hiking trip, you have to think about having fun together. Even with smaller children, you can discover the beauty of our country. There are families that go on tours with small babies on their backs. 

However, the hiking tour with children has to be planned carefully. For adults, it is often enough to stay in the beautiful countryside, but children need something more. If we do not want to be "stuck" in the middle of the tour, we get them the program we will be doing during the trip. We establish a goal and something that the children will look for at the end of the tour.

We hike for example to castles or caves. Children can look forward to a tasty picnic during the trip or a small surprise that I hide in my backpack. For example, a new toy. We often make breaks during the tour. We know children can be tired fast, but they also tend to recover fast.

How to prepare for hiking tour?
1. You need good hiking shoes. Never give children new shoes or sneakers.
2. Give children their own backpack with waterproof jacket or raincoat, spare clothing - the weather is often unpredictable, and water.
3. Bring with you a map or guidebook, leucoplast, camera, food and lots of drinks.
4. Do not forget about sunglasses, cap, matches, flashlight and first aid kit.

What do we do during the trip to make the trip more fun?
We look for plants, insects, birds, we always carry with us magnifying glass or binoculars. During the break, we sail boats, carve whistles, paint stones, look for nice leaves to the collection.

Which are your ways to make hiking more fun for children?