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Best Foods To Speed Up Fat Burning

Topic: Best Foods To Speed Up Fat Burning

Hello, moms! It's been a while and I am back after hibernating for quite awhile. Today, I'm sharing five foods to include in your diet if you wanted to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight or if you simply wanna shed off some fats from your body.

1. Eggs - this is one of the most famous weight-loss food. It's not just delicious but healthy as well. Eggs fuel you up for the entire day with proteins to help you function at your best. Since it gives you proteins, your muscles sure to work extra to help you shed off that extra pounds/calories!

2. Chili peppers - believe it or not, chili peppers are rich in antioxidants and vitamin c. Chili peppers also speeds up your metabolism as well.

3. Green tea - one of the most renowned weight-loss food in the world, green tea kicks start your metabolism. Prepared using hot water, the drink triggers the increase in your metabolic rate whilst increasing the oxidation of fat in your body. Since it's also a diuretic, excess fluids that cause bloatedness will also be filtered and removed through your kidneys and urinary tract.

4. Brocolli - looking like a brush itself, brocollis are considered to be "sweepers" of the internal organs. These greens are packed with fiber that softens the stool and brushes the lining of your intestines and stomach clean.

5. Oatmeal - one of the easiest and most convenient choice when you wanted to lose weight. Oatmeals come in different preparation and variety. They are considered to be one of the best choice for weight loss because it has a property that makes you feel full for long hours and gives you enough calories to help you function throughout the day. And hey, oatmeal is good for the heart too!