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Top 10 Christmas Movies for Kids

Topic: Top 10 Christmas Movies for Kids

Top 10 Christmas Movies for kids which are my family's favorite.

Frozen (2013)
When the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally uses her power to turn things into ice
to curse her home in infinite winter, her sister, Anna, teams up with a mountain man,
his playful reindeer, and a snowman to change the weather condition.

Arthur Christmas (2011)
Santa's clumsy son Arthur gets put on a mission with St. Nick's father to give out
a present they misplaced to a young girl in less than 2 hours.

Fred Claus (2007)
Fred Claus, Santa's bitter older brother, is forced to move to the North Pole.

The Polar Express (2004)
A young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express.
During his adventure he learns about friendship, bravery, and the spirit of Christmas.

Elf (2003)
After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size,
a man raised as an elf at the North Pole is sent to the U.S. in search of his true identity.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
On the outskirts of Whoville, there lives a green, revenge-seeking Grinch
who plans on ruining the Christmas holiday for all of the citizens of the town.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
A lawyer and a little girl must prove that a man claiming to be Santa Claus is the real thing.

The Santa Clause (1994)
When a man inadvertantly kills Santa on Christmas Eve, he finds himself magically recruited to take his place.

Home Alone (1990)
An 8-year old troublemaker must protect his home from a pair of burglars when
he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation.

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman
by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.


Re: Top 10 Christmas Movies for Kids

You can also add Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! It's a nice movie with holiday vibes smile


Thanked for the post: Ella

Re: Top 10 Christmas Movies for Kids

Home Alone movie...
I do remember watching this as a teenager and found it very hilarious.  I did recommend it to my kids to watch it and they did.
They find it humorous and entertaining especially on the scene that he was forgotten by his parents and the robbers entering the house and he's doing crazy stuffs for them not to enter his place.