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Storing Breastmilk

Topic: Storing Breastmilk

Breastmilk is the most suitable type of feeding you can give to your child because it is packed with nutrients and antibodies that combat infection or diseases up to the age of 18 months. However, for working moms, breastfeeding can be quite hard to provide especially if they are out the whole day.

It is not new anymore about the use of breast pump and I think it's a great way to store milk for a baby's use within the day. That way, moms are still assured that their babies get adequate nutrition while they are away and at work.

Personally, I prefer just storing breastmilk for a day's use to avoid spoiling. However, here are the ideal times which you can follow when storing breastmilk:

1. Use the method "first in, first out" - use the one's you've pumped first before using the newly pumped ones.
2. Store them in the freezer to avoid spoilage and maintain freshness.

When heating, place them in a warm water bath, NEVER EVER microwave breastmilk or use boiled water as these methods destroy the immuniglobulins contained in the milk.


Re: Storing Breastmilk

True! I did breastfeeding until my child turns one. In my own experience I do pumping in the office and the first milk that I pump was the first milk to give to my child for feeding. So as long as you have chance to breast feed your child. Give it to them because this is their first  antibody that you could give them for free.