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Breastfeeding your child even if you are a working mom.

Topic: Breastfeeding your child even if you are a working mom.

Moms of these days are no longer staying at home and taking care of their children. Because most of them are both full time mom and career woman.

I myself have been in this situation during my early years of motherhood. I was an office girl when I gave birth to both of my children but it was never become a reason on not giving them a proper breast feeding especially on the first 6 months of their lives. Which is the most important.

During my career days, I take a breast pump, cooler, and a container with me in the office.

There, I pump every once in awhile put it on the container, and keep it safe on the cooler.

Are you going to believed me if I tell you that in one year my children never take formula milk and they are only bottle fed with my breast  milk?

Yes. That's true! Every milk that I collected, I take it home put it on the freezer and during the whole day  that I was not around, the milk that I left was the milk that my daughter was taking the whole day until I got home.

No worries! Because breast milk don't get spoiled that easily .

For room temperatures - it last for 4-6 hours
Cooler w/ three frozen ice packs - 24 hours
Refrigerator - 3- 8 days
Freezer - 6-12 mos

So for moms like me it is never impossible to give your children a right nutrition specially it is important on their early months. Working moms was never excuse in this.

Remember: My husband once told me that no matter how expensive your child's formula milk is. It is still a cow's milk. A mother's milk is always the best! Thank you! wink


Re: Breastfeeding your child even if you are a working mom.

Breastfeeding is a very essential part of our baby's life.
It's their balance diet where they can get all important nutrients that they need.
As much as we can, as mothers, we should not limit their intake of it.

My OB-GYNECOLOGIST doctor oriented me before I gave birth on what to do regarding breastfeeding when I return to work:

Buy good quality breast pump and a hands free bra that you can still pump while doing your work.
Create a scheduled breast pump session so you can't interfere you're Mommy co-workers who are also having their scheduled breast pump.
Find a discreet and comfortable place to do pumping, most of workplaces have lactation/breastfeeding rooms.
Once milk are expressed, store it in a freezer (remember the FIFO code (first in, first out).
Be meticulous in washing breast pump and should have time doing it even you're busy in the office.
Be aware of the do's and don't's in handling and storing breast milk while in the office especially if there are unexpected out of the office meetings and  especially if its a long travel.


Re: Breastfeeding your child even if you are a working mom.



Even though I stopped working in a corporate setup since I gave birth, being a SAHM kept me dedicated in breastfeeding my little one. And I am determined to go on and on!

Breastfeeding mom rocks!