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Natural Home Remedies

Topic: Natural Home Remedies

I'm more on a pro-NHR mom.

I do give my kids if these will be the situation:

Sore throat:
A teaspoon of honey via oral feeding or stir on a cup of hot water and add a squeeze fresh lemon.

Fever 37.5-38 degree Celsius:
A quick cold shower just to eliminate heat inside their body.
A teaspoon of honey via oral feeding or stir on a cup of hot water and add a squeeze fresh lemon.
Never cover with  blanket on since heat can accumulate inside the body.

Nasal Congestion:
Steam treatment using eucalyptus oil


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Re: Natural Home Remedies


Me as well. Before I give my children some medication I always opt to home remedies first and it is very safe and effective.

For Fever- I prepare a bowl of ice cube and a hand towel and wipe them with this every time the fever get's high. But off course a nurse friend told me that after you wipe them with ice cold compress. You have to dry it with a dry towel right away and never let it air dry.

A gentle massage could also make them feel better and relieved.

Cold and cough- I make them lemon juice with honey. Cold or hot doesn't matter. But my kids love it a little bit chilled.

Also when they have cough I put vics on their back, chest and feet and cover their feet with cotton socks.

Most importantly, give them a quick warm bath.


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Re: Natural Home Remedies

Hello! As I am a nursing graduate, and we were also taught home remedies for children who are sick.

There are various non-pharmacologic ways to alleviate signs and symptoms of viral diseases since these kinds of ailments are self-limited, meaning they eventually resolve on their own.

Here are what the things I always do whenever my baby cousins would get sick:

1. For fever, I provide them a tepid sponge bath using lukewarm water (cold water can increase temperature causing them to shiver, while hot water can cause burns). Lukewarm water provides relief since it suits mostly the body's normal temperature. You can add a few drops of alcohol to help the heat evaporate within the body surface quickly, follow this immediately with drying the body surface using a dry towel.

2. For sore throat: A squeeze of calamansi juice with a cup of cold water usually works. I think honey can cause allergic reaction and lemon juice irritates the lining of the throat more.

3. For dehydration: a home-made oral solution can be made to balance the salt and electrolytes in the body, to do this, you can mix 6 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a liter of water.

4. Increase water intake also to keep the blood circulating and prevent loss of water.

I also suggest cold water for sore throat since they lessen the swelling of the tonsils; hot water can further inflame them.


I hope this helps!


Re: Natural Home Remedies

For sore throat ginger extract is also very useful. take a teaspoon of ginger juice by pressing and add honey for taste, give it to your child for soothing throat and cough as well.


Re: Natural Home Remedies

Wow! This surely helps! I hate OTC medicines which only worsen my little one's cold and cough. I'll definitely try the honey - lemon/calamansi remedy!



Re: Natural Home Remedies

Also, most pediatricians don't recommend cough medicines because it can only worsen the production of mucus. That's why whenever patients have coughs/colds, they often suggest to increase on water intake.