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New Born Sleeping patterns tips!

Topic: New Born Sleeping patterns tips!

I just want to share this to new moms who are having trouble with their new born's sleeping patterns.

For new moms it is normal that they are struggling with their new born's sleeping patterns. Because like us the baby is in the stage of adjustment as well.

From 3-6 months babies typically develop regular sleep patterns. As your baby's brain matures over these first few months a sleep patterns start to emerge.

No worries! Here are some tips for you to be able to cope with your baby's sleeping patterns

1. Recognize the signs that your baby is tired:

Rubbing eyes
Looking away from you

2. Try to teach your baby that night time is when we sleep and day time is when we have fun. Keep things stimulating and active for your baby. Play with her a lot during day time and during night time try to cut down stimulation. Keep lights low and noise soft.

3. Never let your baby fall a sleep after feeding. Just like us it will not be comfortable to sleep after eating.

4. Be a patient parent. Sleep when baby is asleep because this is the only time that you could rest.

5. Breast feeding is more convenient during night time instead of bottle feeding it could save you from standing and making milk for them in the middle of the night but be careful and be watchful while feeding your baby because you might fell asleep.

I hope this could help! Thank you. smile


Re: New Born Sleeping patterns tips!

I want to ask that is there any problem in feeding my baby as i sleep? Or how mnany times to feed him during night?


Re: New Born Sleeping patterns tips!

Hi! The first question is, how young your baby is? Are you full breast feeding or bottle feeding?
Based on my experience, I feed them until they stop or until the baby let go of your nipple.

For me and as for my pedia the best indicator that the baby is already full is when they stop. But even though they are already full you must not forget to make her burp after every feeding to avoid discomfort.