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How do I start with Homeschooling?

Topic: How do I start with Homeschooling?

Hi there YepMoms!

I would like to pursue homeschooling for my daughter.

With the rampant influence of media nowadays, I want to guard my little one closely especially on her early learning years.

As a mom working from home, I would also want to be my daughter's first teacher and be able to discover her learning methods and develop closer bond.

I also don't believe it would affect her social life as she has neighbor friends and is very active in Sunday school.

Now, my question is how do I start? Where can I get/buy the curriculum?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Re: How do I start with Homeschooling?

At the young age of one my daughter learned her first alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes by herself.
That's true! She learned that without me insisting that she should learn that. I just let her watch ABC songs repeatedly same with number, shape and colors songs in youtube. smile I am so proud of her.


Re: How do I start with Homeschooling?

I'm not home schooling myself, but I have looked into it.

I've heard that Sonlight is a good option (I think it's Sonlight.com)
I spoke to a mom who uses the King Alfred English curriculum. She seems to be quite happy.