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Nurturing the Spiritual health of your child

Topic: Nurturing the Spiritual health of your child

As they say, the family that prays together stays together.

I am so proud that at their very young age my children already knows few things about God. And as soon as they could talk and understand few things. Little by little I was able to introduce them with God.


And before bed time, I always guide them how to pray a simple prayer that could connect them with our Lord.

As a good and responsible parent, it is also very important that we see to it that our child is not only physically and mentally healthy. But also spiritually healthy.

Spiritual health enables us to feel connected to self and others. 

Teaching children about their spiritual health through literature is a natural way to expose them to spiritual qualities in a simple manner that they can understand.

Example is reading them kid's stories or watching movies with a moral lesson.