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Feeding picky eaters! Solution 101!!

Topic: Feeding picky eaters! Solution 101!!

Picky eaters. One of the most and worst challenges of moms like us.


All that we want is to feed them nutritious food but they don't want to eat the foods that was being serve to them just because they don't eat green, carrots, broccoli, and so on.

But whatever the reasons are, never ever forced your child to eat for it will have a very bad effects on them.

They will start to think that eating is not fun and instead they will think  that eating is horror or something that they have to fear because they are seeing you frustrations while forcing them to eat.


Here are some helpful tips if you have a picky eater child:

  1. Try slicing them into pieces. Sometimes kids don't like eat this because they don't like how it looks like. For example you want to  feed her spring onions. Just slice it into pieces and then sprinkle it to her food and same goes with the other food.

2. Or you may also try this fried rice recipe. It has spring onions, carrots,green peas and corn on it. You may also add some more vegetables if you like.


3. You may also want to give your foods a little twist like this one.
We call it bananacue or sweetened banana. covered with sugar then deep fry.

Same goes with sweet potato.


There's a lot of creative ideas out there on how we can be able to feed our picky eaters. It's okay if they only want chicken or whatever their favorites are. With our patience little by little eventually they will learn how to eat these foods. Thanks. wink


Re: Feeding picky eaters! Solution 101!!

You can also try and introduce one type of food at a time to avoid the child feeling overwhelmed with so much options presented to him/her smile


Re: Feeding picky eaters! Solution 101!!

Thanks for adding that up! If you presented them more food to recognize in one servings. They will feel bombarded and might loose their appetite instead.