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Things i Consider before Buying a Toy

Topic: Things i Consider before Buying a Toy

The size to make her safe from putting the toys to her mouth. Colors, feminine color for my girl. Hello Kitty is one of her favorites. I choose toys, that can also educate my daugther through playing it.  How we play the Hello Kitty, she needs to tell me where are the eyes the nose, the ribbon, the ears. In that way, I have her attention and she is listening to what i am saying. :)



Re: Things i Consider before Buying a Toy

I have also posted this in the previous thread.

Please consider the interest of the child, age appropriate toys that will will buy and safety of the child when giving presents this Christmas.

Just a reminder to Mommies and Daddies who are buying toys for their loved ones this holiday season:

Inspect the materials used (passed safety standards - chemicals used may be toxic to children)
Check the edges of the toys especially those helicopter or quadcopter toys - (sharp edges or pointed - it can cause wound)
Stuff toys purchases - check eyes, nose, and small parts especially buttons, it must be securely fastened (to avoid risk of choking)
Movement of toys - sudden movement especially those are battery operated (may hurt the child)
Sound of toys - too loud may cause ear injury
Toys with heat elements - it may cause burn
Toys with batteries - small batteries can be swallowed (choking hazard); large batteries when played has mercury content

Happy shopping!!