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What a fun day out!

Topic: What a fun day out!

Hi guys,

I recently went to a 'Puzzle Park' with the kids and it was such fun.
It was basically a big maze that you have to work your way through. There are clues hidden throughout the maze, and you have to solve all the clues to finish the maze. It was great fun.

I've googled mazes, and it looks like there are a few other mazes in my area. So we're going to try those out too!

Just thought I would share what ends up being a fun day out with kids of all ages!


Re: What a fun day out!

That sounds like fun! I've never tried that. We enjoy going out to a little farmyard close to where we live. You can feed the animals and pet the rabbits. My kids love animals so it's fun for us. But I'll look up mazes, maybe there's one near us!


Re: What a fun day out!

 We use to go the mall when going out. We are going to the grocery to buy some needs. In that way, we are enjoying each other's company, strolling inside the mall, eat at the fast food, taking pictures, spend some time for our daughter to play. Simple like that. We are happy to be together.


Re: What a fun day out!

Fun Day out with kids is very useful way to bond with your kids.

These make you feel more closer to them and know more what they really like.

A great way to bond with them usually we go to a park.

There are many activities to do like:

  • take a bike ride

  • jogging

  • play badminton

  • fly a kite

  • stroll along the park attractions

  • take pictures or do selfie picture with the beautiful spots in the park

  • start a nature journal on what happened that day

  • go cloud watching and create wild imagination on the shapes of the clouds