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Chicken bites

Topic: Chicken bites

  • take boneless chicken

  • marinate it with ginger garlic paste, black pepper,salt,red chilli powder and BBQ sauce for half an hour.

  • add flour and cornflour (half cup each)

  • fry this chicken

  • in separate pan take water

  • heat it and add bbq to get a thick sauce

  • bring it to boil

  • then add chicken to it and mix thoroughly.

  • delicious chicken bites are ready.

  • serve hot


Re: Chicken bites

Wow! This looks yummy! I also discovered an effective way to make chicken bites crispier and last for a long time by using corn chips or Chippy (for Filipino moms).

First is to pulverized the Chippy/corn chips and then coat the chicken pieces in flour, dip them in eggs, and onto the Chippy batter/mix/powder. Next is freeze them for 15-30 minutes and then deep fry them for 3 minutes. It's crispier and tastier! smile


Re: Chicken bites

Oh! I'm getting hungry! This is actually a great alternative for processed chicken nuggets or the fun shots off KFC. Home made style which I believe is more delicious and nutritious smile