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Your Girls want to wear High Heels

Topic: Your Girls want to wear High Heels

We all moms want the best for our child. From dressing them up and choosing an attire, we want all the best for our little one. Wearing dress usually with the shoes or sandals looks great.

But moms, what if your child wants to wear high-heeled sandals or shoes?
Are you going to let them or not?


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Re: Your Girls want to wear High Heels

No, overall. 
It's fun to see these kids imitate their Mommies especially on how they wear their high-heeled shoes especially when she goes to the office or attend a special occasion. 

Wearing high heels at early age can cause abnormality in their gait (walking) pattern in a long run.
These kids muscles are not well-developed yet.

But it's a No-no for me.
I don't know to see my kids having gait problems in the future.