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Your Babies Names

Topic: Your Babies Names

From the first trimester of our pregnancy or maybe before we got pregnant, we have the preferred names for the baby. What are the things you consider in giving them the name? 

*if it is a boy, it should sound like the father's name, and if a girl, it should be near from her mother's name. :)
*Sometimes, the father wants "Maria" and the mother wants a short name as "Fe". From then, they form the baby's name "Maria Fe".

There are some parents giving their baby the names with the second name and more like Letizia Alexandra Marie. if I were to give the name I will simply choose Letizia, it is easy to write and simple (short) 
Based on experienced having a long name is not easy to write and to memorized the letters on it when you are a kid started to learn how to write. I found it was hard to write.As of now, I simply picked for my baby's names is just 5 letters. She won't be having a hard time writing her name soon.

Just sharing ;)


Re: Your Babies Names

My husband and I thought a lot of the names to be given to our soon to be kids.But we weren't sure yet if this will be a boy or a girl.
We had something mind if it name will start based on our first letter of our names and just simply browse on baby books or in the net.
When we knew the gender of our babies were confirmed by ultrasound (boy) and re-confirmed via 3D & 4D ultrasound, it was true that I'll be giving birth to a baby boy.
We want something their names to be unique and since our surname is so common here in the Philippines, we don't our son to have a similar name with other people.

We adapted their names from their grandfathers and added uncommon first names:

My eldest son:
Gavin (means knight) + Willie (my Dad's name: Wilfredo) + Vicente (my father's in law name - means Victory) = 
Gavinwill Vicente - his nickname: Gavin/Gav/Gaby
Meaning: Knight will Victory (Knight will win)

My youngest son:
Zhilion (rich - full of money) + Willie (my Dad's name: Wilfredo) + Vicente (my father's in law name) =
Zhilion Wilcent - his nickname: Zion
Meaning: Richness will Victory (Richness will win)