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The Healthy Alternative

Topic: The Healthy Alternative

Kids nowadays tend to become picky eater because of the commercialized foods around promoting more on palatable foods rather than nutritious and healthy options. Most of these foods lack nutrients that our child needs. Also, due to popularity and demand kids chose to be resolved on fried foods. With these, I formulated a recipe to incorporate nutritious foods into their usual fave food.

Veggie Patties

1 cup of shredded veggie of your choice (squash, zuccini, potato, carrots etc.)
1 cup oatmeal
1 egg
2 tbsp cornstarch or flour for binding
finely chopped spring onions
salt and pepper to taste

mix all together and deep fry smile



Re: The Healthy Alternative

This recipe seems quite i ntersting. Please tell me that do we have to boil the veggies or the oats? And can we replace oatmeal with any other cereal? If our child doesn't seem to like oats?