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Gift wrapping Ideas

Topic: Gift wrapping Ideas

This is one of the most typical gift wrap idea that we know.


So now, if you want it to be more personalized and creative, why not give a little twist.

Today, I will gonna share with you some gift wrapping ideas that you will surely love.

This is somehow related to my previous post since we are going to use our used magazine and used colored papers for gift wrapping.

So here is how.

For squares or cubes.. You may try these ideas.

For cylinders or if your gift are something like mug or tumbler or whatever that has the same shape. You may try this.


If you still have more time and want something more cute, you might also want to try this.


For much easier, simpler but unique ideas, you may also want to try this; as you can see it's a blank paper bag that has paint on it. If your kid is grown enough and capable of doing so. You may also ask them to draw or paint on it by themselves. It could make them proud. winkhttp://yepmom.com/img/m/7888/585cf43bb037e2.84866682.jpghttp://yepmom.com/img/m/7888/585cf44b2986d0.81154627.jpg

Hope this could help you had an idea on gift wrapping! See you on my next topic! wink


Re: Gift wrapping Ideas

In gift wrapping , I usually recycle things and find cheaper materials like Japanese paper, brown paper bag, shiny cellophane etc. rather than gift wrappers. Anyway, these will be teared off especially kids who are more concerned and excited what's inside. But of course I still make sure it is presentable and nice looking! smile


Re: Gift wrapping Ideas

If you want to be thrifty in gift wrapping, I do recycle the left over art materials that my children used when do project like:

colored paper 
art paper
ribbons (that from cake boxes)
manila paper

Just make show your creativity you could make something out the recycled materials.


Re: Gift wrapping Ideas

Thank you for these ideas, moms!

A few days earlier, I was browsing pinterest for some printables and came across this printable gift bag from Eat Drink Chic. It's easy to make and fold, just like making an origami smile

You can access the printable bag here:

Holiday Printable Treat Bag


Re: Gift wrapping Ideas

Hello Patricia, printable bag are very easy to make. If you have 6 or 7 year old child, I am sure you can also share it with them.