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Postpartum depression

Topic: Postpartum depression

Postnatal depression usually occurs 6-12 weeks after childbirth, but can occur up to one year after childbirth. 
It’s more common than we would think. One study of 10,000 moms with newborns found that about 1 in 7 gets postpartum depression.

Here are six symptoms of Postpartum depression:

1. Anger. Everything makes you angry or everyone (husband, baby, your children) is irritating you. You might want to throw things or yell at everyone. You know you should not be so mad, but you can not help it.

2. Brain Fog: Your brain do not work as well when you have postpartum depression and anxiety. You have a hard time remembering things etc.

3. Scary Thoughts: Intrusive thoughts are scary thoughts that enter your mind that you do not want. They start with the "what if," ... that awful thing happened. 

4. Numbness: Women with postpartum depression aren't always full of strong emotions, sad, and crying, instead you feel nothing, you feel only emptiness. You are doing the things you know you are supposed to do but not really feeling it inside.

5. Insomnia: All new moms are tired, but not being able to sleep when you want can be a sign of postpartum depression or anxiety.

6. Physical symptoms: Some women expect depression to impact her mind only. But for some women postpartum depression manifests as physical symptoms - headaches, backaches, upset stomachs, nausea, panic attacks.

If you are having these symptoms the best thing is to go to see your doctor.


Re: Postpartum depression

I had PSD on both of my children. Genetically depression happens to our family when we feel great sadness and whenever we feel that we are alone and having not enough support from our love ones. I suggest that you have to stay strong. Because at the end of the day, no one could ever help you but your self.


Re: Postpartum depression

I guess I had mild postpartum depression after giving birth with my daughter. Though I'm not sure at all but I can remember weird things happening to me such as having the feeling of being a burden and I did self-pity then. Sometimes I found myself just crying but other than that everything is perfectly normal and fine.