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Control your temper

Topic: Control your temper

Mothers you must have got in to the situation with your baby when you want to scold her and even hit her.. Definitely when you have her full time responsibility along with house hold chores then you can get impatient.. But wait.. Mother is the name of an angel for her baby.  Try to control your mood till last because your child is a blessing for you.. Babies are immature.. They don't tease you willingly.. They can't think wisely.. So its OK if they make little mistakes sometimes big too.. After all they are only kids.. But you are their dear mother who has lots of love for them and can give way to love than anger.you can make them understand sone other time .


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Re: Control your temper

To deal with kids is a test for us parents.
There are days there's tranquility on our homes, but there are days that we cannot maintain our calmness.
But when our feeling of outbursts can be managed, it is easier for children to imitate our attitude in dealing with anger management.
Self-control is the key factor on this dilemma. 
Teaching them a good example is the most powerful instrument. 
Talk firmly, calmly and distinctly - not with criticisms, faults and guilt
It is easier being said than doing it.