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What is Colic?

Topic: What is Colic?

What is Colic? 


Colic often occurs during 2-3 weeks old in babies. It is when baby is crying more often than usual. Usually more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week and more than 3 weeks.

Some of the reasons are when the baby is wet, hungry,hurt, frightened or tired.

Colic starts around 2 weeks for full term or later for pre-mature and goes away on its own.

It doesn't affect if the baby is breastfed or bottle-fed.

Causes of colicky child is unknown but some theories says that it is due to growing digestive system that might cause spasms and for whatever the cause maybe.


Re: What is Colic?

There is no particular treatment that was proven to treat colic.
But there are ways to make mom's life effortless and her colicky baby.

1st: don't exert on persisting feeding the baby if she/he not hungry.
2nd: try various positions: sit on a chair or walk.
3rd: Have the baby burp more often during feeding time.
4th: Put the baby on your lap (belly on lap) and rub baby's back.
5th: Play soft music.