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Argument with husband

Topic: Argument with husband

Hey ladies..
A very interesting discussion which you all have experienced in your life at least once whether its been a half year or 10years since your marriage. And that is the arguement between you and your husband...
Tell us how often do u both get into argument??
Who wins over?
What is the conclusion??


Re: Argument with husband

We will be entering to 15 years of marriage on January 2017.
But we seldom have arguments as husband and wife.

There is no winner on the arguments.
It is just both parties have to realize:

  • what transpired the incident?

  • why it happened?

  • how we should deal with it?

  • And the conclusion: agreed settlement on both parties on the issue.

As you entered the settlement, you should balance the pro's and con's and avoid the win-win battle.


Re: Argument with husband

Yeah that's good to know.
Actually in our case we both are same I.e. ready to argue... No one gives up readily.. Its been 2yrs since r marriage. So I think with the passage of time the no. Of aeguements will decrease..