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Sibling Rivalry

Topic: Sibling Rivalry

Hello YepMoms!

Familiar with this scene?


Yes. Sibling rivalry. One of the many things that we have to deal with as a mom specially if we already have toddlers at home.

How do you manage sibling rivalry at home?

How do you approach you sibling regarding this?

Knowing the fact that not all moms are perfect.

Meaning there are times that you can't help to yell or to give them a slap.

So I wondering how do other moms manage this sibling rivalry at home?

Opinions is highly appreciated. Thanks! wink


Re: Sibling Rivalry

My kids have sibling rivalry. They argue on simple things but eventually settle easily.

But most of the times as a mommy, I do meddle with the situation as to protect them not to get too physical.

It is a win-win situation but most of the times, they compromise than to argue again.


Re: Sibling Rivalry

This is pretty normal to young children as they are both competing to the attention of their parents. One best thing to handle this is to avoid favoritism. Don't let them feel that one is more loved than the other for it will resolve to a negative character in the future such as insecurity, rebellion and others.