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Dealing with your friend’s brat child?

Topic: Dealing with your friend’s brat child?


Hello Yepmom’s,
It have a story to share that happened a long long time ago.

I have this friend who once visited my home with her 3 year old daughter.

Well me and my friend are making project on my room.

Our children what happened to me playing outside at the living room.

But then I heard my daughter grunting and I caught my friend’s daughter choking my 2 year old daughter.

I don’t know but I cannot get mad and I don’t what to react. I know I should be mad but the was just three year old and I was just like, no commend and my husband was a little pissed because he was the first one who caught them in the first place.

He said that my then 2 year old daughter was under this 3 year girl and she was choking my child while my daughter was kept on kicking her.

If you were in my situation that time how would you react?


Re: Dealing with your friend’s brat child?

You cannot simply ignore the situation.

And you cannot yell or argue with the brat child.

These must be told to the parents of the child so that they will know how their children are acting.

But of course, as a mother, you need not exaggerate the situation.

Detail how the incident happen, because the other side of the brat child's parent may misinterpret it as an exaggerated story.