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Healthy salad for weight loss

Topic: Healthy salad for weight loss

Hey mommies if you are on a diet good or planning yo diet this nutritious and appetising salad is just for you which can keep you full for a long time.
Take boiled chick peas in a bowl.
Add an apple, some lettuce, some carrot, boiled beans and some cabbage.
Add a little salt and pepper as required. Pour some olive oil on it and here you go. An awesome salad is ready in a few minutes.
Note: you can add your desired vegetables or fruits if you like.


Re: Healthy salad for weight loss

I love salads! You can always have the same stuffs in your salad and just have different dressings for variations. Whether it would be honey mustard, vinaigrette, thousand island, ranch, and whatever that would suit your taste smile


Re: Healthy salad for weight loss

Vegetable salad is a good appetizer or a meal for those mommies who are on diet:

  • romaine lettuce (depends on how much you like)

  • thinly slice carrots

  • whole corn (remove from husk)

  • tuna meat (shredded)

  • slice tomato

  • sliced onion

  • add fruit (apple/orange/strawberry)

  • salt and pepper (pinch)

  • Vinaigrette/olive oil (avoid mayo - it contains loads of fat)