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Do you agree on Authoritarian parenting?

Topic: Do you agree on Authoritarian parenting?

Authoritarian parenting is a style characterized by having high demands and low responsiveness.
This is when the parents have a very high expectations of their children yet providing a very little feedback and nurturance.

The authoritarian parent tends to punish even a very little mistake.

Who among you Moms are agree to this type of parenting? And how many of you are using this parenting style?



Re: Do you agree on Authoritarian parenting?

As a mother, I opt to be a semi-authoritarian parenting style.

Children needs this kind of parenting style for them to know that you are still the person who wants to manage your family.

The way I approach on my children being the semi-authoritarian style of parenting is I'm more particular on house rules and training their obedience.