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Swimming Lessons for babies and toddlers

Topic: Swimming Lessons for babies and toddlers

When my daughter was 8 months old, we had a family reunion somewhere by the beach and my aunt rented a floating cottage.
While me and my then 8 month old daughter was sitting by the cottage near the sea water, our drunk neighbor accidentally lean on me  and we slip on to the water. I was 4 month old pregnant that time, my husband was swimming somewhere away from us and I do not know how to swim.  I was nearly drowned but I kept on lifting up my daughter so she won't get drowned. Luckily we were got saved right away.

After that incident, there is one thing that comes in my mind. I should get my  children a swimming lesson.

Until I saw this; aren't they amazing? At that very young age, they already know how to swim. smile