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At what age would you allow your child to date?

Topic: At what age would you allow your child to date?

I have two lovely daughters of my own and right at this moment they are both toddlers.

But sometimes when I look at them, I can help to imagine that one day, whether we like it or not, our children will grow into teens and will have their crushes and started dating.

But if you are going to ask me at what age should I allow them, I am not yet certain. Because as a mom, my top one priority is to make sure that they will have the best future. 

I believe that as long as you made them feel they are loved at home they will never find it outside your home. Trust me!

But of course, things will come whether we like it or not so let us ask the other moms out there; at what age would you let or did you let your children to date?