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Gay Son

Topic: Gay Son

When I was not yet a mother and have never been experienced to become a mother. I am wishing for a baby girl or a baby boy.
As soon as I got pregnant, I was wishing for a healthy baby boy. But when i learned that my child will gonna a baby girl, I was wishing for a healthy child.

By that time I have realized that no matter what my child's gender is, I am always okay with that as long as he is well and very healthy.

But once there is someone asked me what if I had a gay son? How would I accept it? Actually for me and my husband, that is fine. We still love him no matter what. 

I know there are some issue about homosexuals vs religions, same sex marriage or whatever but for me, God created them. Everything that they are God created them. What they feel, what they have become, for me God allowed them to be those things. 

So as a parent, whom am I not to accept my own child? Right? 

If I were to ask you? How would you accept if you will have a gay son? Feel free to post comment smile