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Top Pregnancy questions that you are uncomfortable to ask

Topic: Top Pregnancy questions that you are uncomfortable to ask


During your pre-natal period, you might be having few things in mind that you might be uncomfortable to ask with your ob-gyne. What would that be?

Related to that, here are some questions that a new mom might ask:

1. Will I poop during my delivery?

That is actually possible and it happens a lot since the rectum is already underneath the uterus during your last phase of pregnancy but you shouldn't really have to worry about your bowel during your delivery. The people on the delivery room are all professionals and respect privacy and they are there to support you. So you have to focus on your baby and not on your bowel during your delivery. 

2. Will I get stretched out down there?

The answer is no. Your vagina is made to stretch to accommodate childbirth and then contract backto its normal size. Your vagina has a muscle memory and it is highly recommended to do some kegel exercises in sets of 10, four to five times daily pospartum.

3. Would I still be able to control my bladder after pregnancy?
Bladder control will tend to decrease after pregnancy and childbirth but doing some kegel exercise will also help.

4. Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Yes. Most are afraid to do this because they are afraid to hurt the mom or the baby but having sex during pregnancy won't hurt the mom or the baby. 

5. Why is intercourse more painful after giving birth?

There are some trauma that needs to heal and for breastfeeding moms, hormone level changes too. especially estrogen levels which may lead to problems with lubrication.