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Advisable earings for toddlers and kids

Topic: Advisable earings for toddlers and kids

As a mother of two girls, I love dressing my own children and what I the most is whenever I put some pair of earrings on them. But usually for toddlers and young children. Earrings can easy get loss specially those ear stud type of earrings.

I even tried loop earrings on them but they still loosing it. 

What else I could do they look cute with earrings. That is why since then I always bought them screw back earrings. I highly recommend this type of earring for toddlers and children. Because it has an easy grip fluted bell design for loss prevention.


Re: Advisable earings for toddlers and kids

My eight years old girl got loop earring as a present 2 years ago. She loves it, but I am not really happy about it.

It has same openings like the earrings on this picture.


 The big problem with this earring is that it is so hard to put back if we need to remove it.
I would never buy earring which you have to close this way. It looks nice, but the opening is terrible.