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Students should not have homework? Support your answer

Topic: Students should not have homework? Support your answer


They say education is one of the best thing we can give to our children. As a parent it is our obligation to send our children to schools and give them right and proper education. We always wanted to make sure that our children is learning things they should have to learn in school.

But it is also part of our role as a parent to make sure that it would be so stressful for them.

During my time as a student, I was having a lot pressure being on top section. More activities on schools and more take home activities. Even in weekends we do have home work. And as child, I also need to play and socialize with other kids but it doesn't happen all the time.

May that is one of the reason why other kids are cutting classes and dropping out. They are being bombarded too much in school.

Can it just be school time is study time and getting home is relaxing time?

As a mother, are you in favor of take home activities or homework for your children?

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Re: Students should not have homework? Support your answer

I know some schools are eliminating homework. And I would like to send my children to the school where they learn
everything there, they do not get homework, do not carry heavy books daily. But... Yes, the system has to change.
Smaller classrooms, or computer based educations, where the children are learning alone. The teacher is there to
help only if they get stuck. Why are on the streets new cars with great luxury, every year better and
better. Why is the education still the same after 100 years while the only changes are that the children have to learn more and
more every year??? That is the main question...